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Collectively Done

When you work alongside Collectively Done, you have access to the incredibly varied skillsets we share between us. So, whether you need general admin services, OBM services or more techy support, such as video and podcast editing, we’ve got you covered with an expert in every area!

All team members are hired and trained by Jemma, who has sought out the very best virtual assistants in order to deliver an exceptional experience at every touchpoint. The team is built on shared values – our priority is to make you feel supported with a virtual team you don’t need to manage yourself.

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Words from Jemma

In 2019 I started my journey as a virtual assistant and quickly fell in love with supporting the growth of businesses owned by my incredible clients. I felt there was a real gap in the market for a service-based business that provided a higher level of care and support and went above and beyond to make clients feel good. For me, this was the motivation behind everything I did. When I became fully booked, I decided to bring on team members who shared my vision and values. As a small, close-knit team of five, we go out of our way to make clients of Collectively Done feel valued, supported and appreciated on a daily basis. It’s important to us that we can take tasks (and stress) off your plate, to allow you to focus on your zone of genius and run the business of your dreams.

As the owner of two businesses, I really relate to the fear of outsourcing and “letting go”. It is for this reason that I do anything and everything I can to ensure clients feel confident in our abilities as virtual assistants and encourage feedback and open communication throughout our working relationship.

Pros of working with Collectively Done

  • ✨No more hiring multiple team members to carry out different tasks. Get everything done under one roof with our combined range of skills!
  • ✨One point of contact (Jemma) so there’s no need to communicate with multiple members of staff – let Jemma handle that!
  • ✨A personal approach with regular communication because we genuinely care about you and your business.
  • ✨An “above and beyond” mindset, so don’t be surprised if you get the occasional gift in the post!

Core Values


To communicate professionally and frequently.


To work creatively and adapt daily in order to reach the end goal.


To see a noticeable difference between day 1 and day 30.


To put passion into every task, no matter how small.